Writing A Dissertation Introduction Chapter


Are you writing a dissertation introduction chapter? Here are few good tips for you. A dissertation is a type of long project which is written for a university degree or diploma. Sometimes it is said that a dissertation is a type of thesis or monograph. It is written in final year in any types of academic course. Therefore the requirement is in the final year, and by this, the knowledge and the overview of a student are judged. Now it can be said that discussion on any topic is accessible to find out in many types of the search engine because in the present situation human beings are dependent on various types of search engines. From how to polish a shoe to how to write a dissertation all are available in the search engines. However, the fundamental difference is that professors want to see that how much a student can analyse any topic over the existing theory and how much they can modify the existing theory on their perspective. Sometimes they want to see that whether the students only have book base knowledge or some other ability to analyse the theories over their views. Therefore it is different from any types of book module.

Generally, the chapter named introduction is one of the essential modules for any types of project or thesis. This chapter grows the interest into readers mind that whether the content is attractive or not. Readers always overview the introduction chapter to find out that this content is fruitful; for him or not and that is why this chapter must contain the actual and substantial facts over the subjects. Nowadays people are suffering from lack of time; therefore in this short schedule, it is very much necessary to present an attraction in the first look. In any dissertation, introduction works as the first look of this thesis.

Generally, an introductory chapter contains a different section named as research aim, research background, research question, rationale, problem statement, a structure of the research and the conclusion. All are the general parts of any dissertation. However, sometimes there is the demand for some other criteria. According to the criteria in the introduction chapter there sometimes present the background of any company. Students who have created the dissertation sometimes take any particular company for the practical perspective. In that case, the background of the company is also represented in the first chapter.

Many writers follow various sequences of the points. However, there exists a general sequence and introduction chapter follow this common sequence. First of all, the introduction is represent, and then the background of the study, rationale, statement of the problem, research aim, research objectives, research question, the structure of the research and then a conclusion is represented in the chapter.

Now the discussion topic is how to write an introduction to the first chapter. Her first chapter is considered as the introduction chapter. The introduction section is discussed what the contents included in the first chapter are. Every dissertation has a specific subject, and this introduction section is discussed briefly about the topic. After that, which points are included in the chapter are mentioned. Again said that some time for practical perspective various kinds of companies from various industry is considered, therefore which company is taken is also mentioned in this part.

After the introduction, the second point is related to the background of the study. Various students choose various topics to write a dissertation. This section discussed for which reason this topic is chosen and what is to be the importance of that topic, for choosing it as the dissertation. This section critically analyses the reason for which the topic is chosen. The overall importance is discussed here not in very much depth because the depth and descriptive analysis are done in the second chapter of a dissertation named Literature review.

The third point is the rationale of the study. Rationale section is quite interesting because this one section contains four different topics. The different topics are related to a topic. The subject which is chosen for the dissertation has some issues.  That is why it is chosen for the topic of the dissertation. Therefore, the rationale part discusses those issues, the present condition of the issues or why this is an issue right now and actually why it becomes an issue, all are discussed in this section. One another part of the section is why the research is going on that particular topic, or it is also said that what the research sheds light.

After that section problem statement is discussed. This section discusses the main problem of particular issues.

Next topic is discussed about the research aim. Research aim contains the mission of the investigation. That means by doing this dissertation which mission is fulfilled or which information is detected are represented in this section.

Research objectives are the next topic which is represented in the chapter. This section is always written in future tense because in the research what we will do is discussed here. The objective section has unique criteria in writing style. All objectives are starting with ‘to’. There exists a generally four objectives, and each objective informs what is done in the dissertation research. Objectives give us knowledge about what to find out in the particular research, what to analyse in the research, what is the evaluating result of the research and what is the recommendation about the research. Next section is a research question. This section is related to the research objective section because according to the objectives research question is written. After that structure of the research is done and it is represented as a smart. It is an overview of the whole chapter in a graphical form. This helps to understand the whole graph of the chapter.

The last section is the conclusion which is concluded after the analysing of the topic subject. The conclusion contains the decision which is finding out from chapter one. This section is also helpful to know the final result of the chapter. The overall brief description of the introduction chapter is discussed here. Hope these tips were good enough to help you in writing a dissertation introduction chapter. 

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