How to Write a Dissertation Proposal


What is a Dissertation Proposal?

Seeking assistance as to how to write a dissertation proposal? The dissertation proposal is an imperative first step in drafting your dissertation for a Ph.D. course or a master’s course. The dissertation proposal should be unique and it creates the phase for research and helps in forming a reasonable plan for your last phase of your dissertation project. The dissertation proposal is essentially a depiction of the following: What the dissertation is about; Possible questions which you would be analysing; Few references to the background of theory; Methods of research you would use (non-empirical or empirical); Potential results of the dissertation project. The dissertation proposal resembles the list of chapters for research, and would enable you to clarify what you plan to analyze, and generally, how you expect to approach the gathering and assessment of the data collected. You would not have to do an exact planning of each and everything since the topic of your dissertation might slightly vary during the span of the research, yet generally drafting the proposal would enable you to better recognize the path for the dissertation project. When one has decided on the topic for writing the dissertation proposal, it is important to make sure that it is both suitable to the field of study, and it is important to narrow it down sufficiently so that it could be finished before the course ends. The dissertation proposal would enable you to characterize and decide both these, and it would likewise enable your supervisors to make sure that you are being given advice by the best person to enable you to finish your research.

Drafting a dissertation proposal, regardless of whether it is not a necessity, is worth doing it. One needs to present the dissertation proposal to the instructor and receive important feedback. One could approach the instructor for direction on the style and tone of the dissertation proposal. One has to be adaptable and receptive, demonstrating an eagerness to adjust the thoughts and methods as the research directs. State in the proposal on what one is confidently planning to do, and embracing a balanced perspective, recommending that one has precisely thought about the ideal method for doing the research. You should not be arrogant, but firm; be adaptable but rather not weak! Ensure that you would follow the grammar rules in the dissertation proposal. Have consistency on the tense of the dissertation proposal. Several of the dissertation proposals are drafted making use of the future tense: ‘I would be making use of surveys. etc’. Check with the instructor for confirmation on this.

Structure of Dissertation Proposal

The dissertation proposal’s structure would rely on your particular course prerequisites. A few courses might show that the goals and aims of your dissertation research have to be in a different section in the dissertation or research proposal, or that you don’t have to include a review of literature or methodology section.

Once you have an understanding on what are the sections needed or is not required to include, at that point it might enable to center your written work to split the dissertation proposal into different headings and handle each section independently. One might likewise need to consider inclusion of a title. Composing a title for the dissertation proposal would enable one to make sure that the title is sufficiently narrow, and aid in keeping the written work concentrated and on the title which is being selected.

The dissertation proposal ought to have various important features, irrespective of the structure of the proposal: an introductory section, methodology, objectives and aims, review of the literature, and the research constraints.


The introduction would categorically state the central question of research and offer background on the subject and contextually be relating it to any wider issues encompassing it.

Objectives and Aims

The dissertation proposal ought to likewise incorporate the goals and aims of the research. Ensure to state what the research intends to carry out, and what results you foresee. You might likewise need to state what the important goals of the research are or to state otherwise, how you intend to meet those accomplishments and results.


The dissertation methodology would separate what sources you intend to use for the research that you plan to do, and what type of data is to be gathered from it-either qualitative or quantitative. You might likewise need to incorporate how you would analyze the data collected and consider the possibility of any predisposition there might be in the methods chosen. Contingent upon the details which your particular course needs, you might likewise need to clarify why the approaches chosen for collecting data are more suitable to the research when compared to others.


Dissertation proposal

Literature Review

The review of the literature would make a listing of the materials and books which have been used for doing the research. This is the place you can list the books and other materials which you used and which provided you a foundation on your theme or had research completed earlier which you refer to in your own particular studies. It is additionally a decent place to show how the research interfaces with the earlier research studies, and how the methods used might vary from or be expanding upon those being used by other research scholars. While it is essential to give enough data of the materials to prove that you have perused and comprehended them, keep in mind to incorporate the assessment of their importance to the research that you do.

Research Constraints

Finally, you would likewise have to include the research constraints. Several topics would have wide connections to various bigger and more unpredictable issues, so by clearly expressing the requirements of the research, you are showing your comprehension and affirmation of these bigger issues, and the part they play by concentrating the research on only one area or part of the theme.


In case you have to outline on how you intend to deal with the research, consider including a certain type of concept map or Gantt chart. It is important to create a timeline which is reasonable.


Check if you have to write a reference list, and in case if it is required, roughly show what number of references is required to be listed.

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