Tips on writing good marketing principles assignment by uk expert

Here are some really important tips on Marketing Assignment ( Marketing principles ) drafted by one of our industry expert, if you are  a UK university students looking for some expert advice or a good writer please have a read at this :

For writing any assignments on marketing principles, one must understand the basics. An assessor will mostly judge you on following aspects:

1. Your ability to identify and apply strategies to find appropriate solutions.

2: Your selection, design and application of appropriate methods/techniques.

3: Your presentation and communication of findings.

For achieving the above goals, you must use critical reflection to evaluate your work and justify valid conclusions, take responsibility for managing and organizing content and demonstrate convergent/lateral/creative thinking. Or simple look for an assignment help provider like us to get you through

For example, a typical assignment on marketing principles may test your knowledge on following:

  1. Your understanding of the individual elements of the extended marketing mix by explaining
    1. How products are developed to sustain competitive advantage
    2. How distribution is arranged to provide customer convenience
    3. How prices are set to reflect an organization’s objectives and market conditions
    4. How promotional activity is integrated to achieve marketing objectives
    5. Analysis of additional elements of the extended marketing mix
  2. Your ability to use the marketing mix in different contexts
    1. Marketing mixes for two different segments in consumer markets
    2. Illustration of differences in marketing products and services to businesses rather than consumers
    3. Concepts of international marketing

For answering questions on marketing mix, one must gain insight about its elements which are also called 4 Ps of marketing as suggested by our coursework help providers :

Product: It involves decisions about features, advantages and benefits of product, the total product concept; product mix; product life cycle and its effect on other elements of the marketing mix; product strategy; new product development; adoption process etc.

Place: Where to sell the product. It includes customer convenience and availability; definition of channels; types and functions of intermediaries; channel selection; integration and distribution systems; franchising; physical distribution management and logistics; ethical issues.

Price: It is the perceived value of the product. The requires to analyze the pricing context and process using pricing strategies and demand elasticity, competition, costs, psychological, discriminatory, ethical issues etc. according to customers.

Promotion: Promotions create awareness and image with effective and integrated communication with help of push and pull strategies, advertising above and below the line including packaging, public relations and sponsorship, sales promotion; direct marketing and personal selling; branding, internet and online marketing etc.

Your assignment writing should also reflect on the shift from the 4Ps to the 7Ps. Due to advent of service industry 3 more factors have become important to look after. These are the soft elements of marketing (people, physical evidence and process management).

You must know that market segmentation is a marketing strategy which is used to club the groups of target consumers in certain groups. These groups have some major similarity about any very critical factor when making decisions about purchasing a particular product. E.g.

  1. Consumer markets which are mostly fast moving consumer goods
  2. Business or organizational market: these could be adding value through service. The buyers can be industrial; non-profit making; government or re-seller

You should also be able to analyze how a service market is different from mainstream product. The nature and characteristics of service products depend on its intangibility, ownership, inseparability, perishability, variability, heterogeneity etc. Hence, its strategies must revolve around service quality and creating benefits.

Another important aspect of marketing mix is International markets. Promoting and selling a product outside the native country includes understanding the needs and preferences of the market for which product is going to be sold.  Your answer should include very popular concepts of globalization; cultural differences; standardization versus adaptation. You should also discuss benefits and risks & market attractiveness.

Last but not the least, always remember that the best way strengthen your idea is to supporting it with real world examples and quoting references.

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