Important terms and conditions :


1) We will need half money in advance ( non – refundable ) to book any of our services.

2)No particular grades can be guaranteed and we will try our best to assist but we will hold no liability in case a student fail or misses on deadline etc after seeking our assignment or dissertation help services.

3) The work sent by us is advised only to be used for sample purpose to understand and write in ones own words.

4) We will not be liable if anybody fails their assignment and no refunds will be made and will totally be our choice if we want to make any refunds. We will not be held liable for any reasons the student was not able to submit his or her work in time.

5) Our Guaranteed Pass guarantee is just an estimate based on the average student that benefits from our service and scores a pass or above and will not be related to any specific assignment or dissertation help we provide. Under our on time delivery guarantee, we will try our best to deliver everything on time but in case where due to any unusual circumstances like system failure etc, our on time delivery guarantee shall not be applicable. our delivery timings ( days ) are just an approx estimate.

6) Money back guarantee is totally on our discretion which is only for those students for whom we fail to try our best and will have nothing to do with their results or grades or deadlines.

7) Under no circumstances a refund will be made unless we fail to try our best for the student, all what we will be held responsible is to do free revisions as per any feedback with no particular time limits or deadlines. Also the full reference list will be sent upon final payment while closing the deal.