How To Write a Dissertation Discussion Chapter Or Section

Here are top tips on how to write a dissertation discussion chapter :

Every dissertation has several chapters, and different chapters discussed the different sides of a particular topic. The chapters are the introduction, literature review, methodology, discussion and the findings and the conclusion. Here the representing topic is about the discussion chapter of the dissertation. This is based on the findings and the methodology chapter. Forgetting an excellent quality over this chapter the researcher has to be notified and go through the chapter methodology and the findings.

The methodology will be discussed the research method, and the findings also follow the methodology chapter. Before writing the discussion chapter, the research methods and the data which is collected by the findings are read by the researcher. The data which are collected by the author may be in qualitative or may be in quantitative. Therefore discussion is written by the data and the research methods. It is the theoretical discussion for the findings of the data and the research methods also. There exist mainly two types of methods. One is primary data collection, and other is secondary data collection methods.

Therefore it is seen that it is very much essential to know about the data collection methods otherwise the discussion part is incomplete if there is no mention of the methods. Findings chapter has contained different types of data whether it contains the various chart, graph, and statistical data or sometimes contains various types of survey or interview questions. Sometimes the data are calculated by the SPSS or any other mathematical procedure. Therefore it is seen that the discussion chapter is discussed about the data which contains the information gathered by the research. A discussion is always written in a theoretical manner. The description is allowed in this section.

There exist various criteria which are maintained to write a discussion chapter. Various types of journals and books are taken here as a reference, and that is why the citation of those authors are done here. Discussion chapter is the intermediate results chapter. Research is done before starting every dissertation. Every research has a particular result which is considered as the outcomes of that particular research. Therefore this section is considered as a result chapter. The chapter contains various results and also the critical analysis of those particular results. Critical analysis means for some examination of why the results is that and all. Therefore the results of the dissertation are discussed in this section.

There exist various methods to write a dissertation. Dissertation never contains any definition because the general definition is available in any search engine. The reference for every single topic must be contained in the dissertation. That means the source of the dissertation must be given. The quality of the dissertation must be world class when there exist some smart art and some tables.  The appendix is must be included in the dissertation as per the requirement of the topic. Therefore it is said that if someone maintains this rule the quality of the dissertation must be excellent.

A discussion is written according to the authors’ opinion that means what is the research result as per the researcher not as per any others opinion. The discussion section gives scope to demonstrate how the research is going on and about the experiences. There exist various methods by which discussion is written. In some short length dissertation, the discussion and the findings chapter are the same chapters. However, in long length dissertation, the discussion chapter and the findings chapter are separately written. Basically when talking about the chapter discussion then the matter of findings chapter is already come out.

In a dissertation, the most rewarding and the new section is a discussion of the findings. Therefore the author has to write down this section in a logical manner. Generally, readers prefer the three main components in this section. These three components are a description of the findings, an analysis of the findings and the synthesis of the findings. The discussion section is about the answers to research questions. Researcher how to detect out the answer to the research question and what is the conclusion according to the results of the findings are discussed here. Quality of dissertation decides about the position of the researcher in the field of his educational platform. The structure of the discussion chapter must be following up the writer’s mindset. If the writer chooses a theme and continues the entire dissertation on a single type of theme, then the discussion is also based on an underlying theme. However, sometimes the discussion chapter is written according to the research questions. However, it is must require to said that when this section is written as per the question answer basis then this discussion is more preferred to the readers and it has excellent quality.

Critical thinking and expressing it on your discussion section is quite tricky. However, critical analysis is the most critical thing in this chapter. Without the presentation of critical thinking, the chapter is not stand up in a quality opposition. Therefore this point it must be remembered by the researcher. The chapter must contain the subsection. Thorough written without any section can be tedious. Therefore it is said that this section must contain the subheadings or subsection as per the requirement of the chapter. Subheadings are numbers as per the chapter number. For example when any section of literature review chapter is written, then the sub-points are as per 2.1, 2.1.1 and so on because the literature review chapter is considered to be in second place in any types of a dissertation.

One more important point which is must remember while writing the discussion chapter is a writer must relate to the previous chapter with the discussion chapter. Literature review and the findings are the two most important chapters which are essential to relate to this chapter. Therefore it is said that the discussion chapter is to represent the research result and critically analyse the results also.

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