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Conclusion chapter is a chapter which represents all the decision of all chapter of a dissertation. Many people think that the concluding chapter is the last chapter and that is why this chapter includes everything, but it is wrong because this chapter contains many vital things and information. There is a confusion to write a conclusion of a dissertation. Every chapter has a separate conclusion section, but there also exists another chapter named conclusion. It proves that the chapter has enough importance and that is why this chapter is doing separately. This chapter also contains a section named recommendation. The recommendation is the section which includes a future expectation of any types of topic. The topic is related to the dissertation topic. This chapter also reminds the reader that what is the research is going on the whole dissertation. This chapter must keep a linked up with the other chapters such as introduction, literature review, methodology, and the data analysis. Every chapter has a different purpose, and this chapter indicates all different purpose into one container. This chapter also has the purpose. The two main purposes of this chapter are remembered the reader that is the topic research is going on and the purpose of each chapter. Various types of argument which are referred to the whole chapter are also included in this chapter. Evaluation from the whole dissertation and the interpretation is also mentioned in this chapter.

Future recommendation according to the opinion of the authors and future recommendation which are suggested into various resources according to different eminent people both are represented here. Risk factors and the warnings by that type of risk factors all are mentioned here. Types of conclusion in various types of the dissertation may vary sometimes. The dissertation may be based on qualitative data source otherwise it is a quantitative data source. When the dissertation is on the quantitative data source, then the conclusion structure is entirely different from the general version. The points which are included in this section are hypotheses the restatement, overall summarisation of the hypothesis which decides whether the authors support the hypothesis or not. This part has a linking with the content of the objectives. Explanation over the finding section is also described here. Various types of limitation are represented in this chapter. Therefore, the risks factors are also mentioned in it. In the short length of the dissertation conclusion and the recommendation combines and make a single chapter. However, in the long length dissertation there exist two separate chapters.

Recommendation only says about the practical perspective of the dissertation and the future opinion of the research. The conclusion chapter relates to the research questions and the findings of the research also. This chapter contains various section and the various section are the introductions, limitation of the study and the risk factors of that particular topic, recommendation from different professional authors are also represented here. Sometimes the author’s opinion is also required in this particular chapter. However, it varies because all dissertation requirements are not to write the self-reflection in the concluding chapter. Recommendation chapter is also discussed here for more information to the reader. This section must have an introduction part. After that, the total review of the dissertation is included. In the review section all subject behaviour, methods of the research, problems during data collection and the performance measurements all are represented in this section. Therefore it is seen that the conclusion and the recommendation chapter is not a matter of joke. This two chapter analyses and shows the total results and the future expectation of the whole research.

Again it is mentioned that a dissertation is generally two types one is qualitative, and another is quantitative. The quantitative type dissertation conclusion chapter is discussed now the qualitative type conclusion chapter will be represented. These types of dissertation conclusion contain the findings and the purpose of the research. It also decides about the relationship between the previous data. Various types of risks factors have occurred during the period of the research. This type of conclusion indicates the risk factors and the limitation of the research. Various types of criticism effects are represented here. Implementation problems are discussed here. These types of research recommendation include the future expectation of the research, about the policy of the research and the various types of action research. Sometimes the author’s contribution is also mentioned in this chapter. This is represented whether the requirement is that otherwise no need to discuss this section.  Self-reflection is must give in these types of conclusion chapter. Therefore it seems that the conclusion and the recommendation chapter is the equal importance as the literature review, methodology and the data analysis. Various researches have been done in any particular topic although there exists some gap in their research. This research gap needs to decrease, and that is why these two chapters discussed it.

Every dissertation has mainly six chapters, and every chapter has some general rules. These rules are maintained by the students who take part or create any types of the research paper. Information is collected from the various secondary data source, and therefore every source is m, cut included into the content. The journals from which the students take help must be downloaded as pdf format so that in their further research these crucial sources can help them. Referencing is done in various methods. It can be APA or can be Harvard referencing. However, every chapter of a dissertation follows a particular logic and rule, and that is why this logic has to maintain to get excellent quality content. Poor quality content is not acceptable to the students or any other resorts.

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